Snips becomes a Sedex Member

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

Snips becomes a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a network of 85,000 companies in 180 countries globally. Each member shares internal data and analysis to improve and enhance global business ethics and working conditions across the supply chain. Thanks to this data Sedex is able to implement the support and tools it offers to its members, to improve business performance and reduce risks.

To pass the Smeta audit and achieve these results, Snips has dedicated many efforts to raise the quality standards of its production chain and that of its partners in recent months in many area: environmental and social terms, Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability. Being a Sedex member is the concrete and constant commitment of Snips to share information to improve its management of ethical standards of procurement, to improve its business practices and work, so that they are increasingly responsible.

We have worked hard to achieve this important goal, knowing that we want to raise our production standards more and more. A promise we want to make to our business partners and customers.

Reports and Certifications

Whistleblowing reports

The digital platform allows anyone (employees and collaborators, suppliers and any other person who has had or intends to have business relations with the Company) to report – through a guided online path – cases of illegal conduct or irregularities, violations of norms, violations of Model 231, violations of the Code of Ethics, violations of the Anti-Corruption Policy and in any case violations of the Code of Ethics, violations of the Anti-Corruption Policy and in any case violations of company procedures and provisions in general.

The platform is managed by a specialized, third party and independent entity. The system allows the sending of alerts without the obligation to register or to declare their identity. If the whistleblower chooses to indicate his personal details, his confidentiality is guaranteed.

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