Recycling Bin for Separate Waste Collection White

  • Bin of 25 LT, removable lid, front door and a practical handle. This waste bin for separate collection is ideal for the separation of waste: glass, paper and cardboard, cans, plastic, etc. Perfect for organizing the separate collection of home or office, indoor and outdoor.
  • The lid is designed to ensure a possible stacking of more waste bins, the large front door ensures ease of use, even when stacked containers.
  • The handle allows easy transport of the bin for separate collection, the lid completely removable allows a quick emptying of the container.
  • Included are the stickers with distinctive ideograms of the different collection materials: glass, paper, plastic, cans, to be set up on the front door.
  • The removable lid and rounded corners make cleaning practical and fast.
  • Design, technology, quality, 100% Made in Italy
  • Use & Reuse product – 100% Recyclable

Technical features

article no.010090

ean no.8001136 907289

article size cm26 x 36 x 34

article weight kg.0,84


specific data25 L

Quality raw materials, latest generation production systems, repeated checks, offer the guarantee of a product made to be used daily and last over time.