A judicious consumption of water, an indispensable and precious resource.

Certainly, in recent years the concept that drinking water is fundamental for health has become a part of people’s awareness. We are all more careful of what we drink, of the quantities of liquids we consume, distributed throughout the day, of their quality. Water, herbal teas, infusions have pushed their way into our habits. Lately, this lifestyle has added the imperative of not wasting water: a primary and precious need! How many times have we bought a bottle of water, drunk a sip and then left it around without worrying too much? Today, however, people are sensitised towards not making these mistakes, which also weigh on the environment. 
Use YOUR BOTTLE, always carry it with you, fill it as often as you need! Thus, for a year now, all those dispensers, dispensers and fountains that allow this judicious use of water have been proliferating in public and private places. Fully in line with this new lifestyle Snips is expanding its Bottle Line.