Coca-Cola® Classic

Delice Cake Carrier Coca-Cola® Classic

  • Ideal for tarts, sweet or savory pies, leavened or decorated, up to 28 cm in diameter and 9 cm high. It consists of a tray equipped with 4 side safety latches, and a protective bell with ergonomic handle, to make the transport much more practical.
  • The transparent bell guarantees the preservation, the tray with the unmistakable Coca-Cola® decoration allows the service on the table, every day as on special occasions.
  • When necessary you can use the cake holder to store the cakes in the refrigerator and in the freezer.
  • Washable in the dishwasher, without problems of distortion of the shapes and discoloration of the decorations.
  • Design, technology, quality, 100% Made in Italy
  • Use & Reuse product – 100% Recyclable

Technical features

article no.002006

ean no.8001136 907432

article size cm Ø 28 x 12.8

article weight kg.0,40


specific dataØ 28 cm - h 9 cm

Quality raw materials, latest generation production systems, repeated checks, offer the guarantee of a product made to be used daily and last over time.