The symbol indicates the suitability of the container to freeze the food at a minimum temperature
of -18 ° C.

Snips produces specific plastic and glass containers for every need; different volumes and different shapes according to the foods you want to place in the freezer. Space-saving and stackable, so you can optimise storage in baskets and drawers.

The basic rules for freezing. Small tips to keep food properties intact. Never use hot water to defrost something, be it tomato sauce, steak, chicken broth or parsley. You risk irreversibly altering the texture and taste of the foods; the container could break. We recommend thawing slowly, placing the container in the refrigerator.Whenever possible, freeze food in small portions, so that it cools quickly. Rapid freezing ensures that the flavour and freshness of the food is preserved.

Preserving Fruit 
 Wash the fruit with cold water and sodium bicarbonate, to completely eliminate the residues of soil and dirt. Dry it carefully. Cut large fruit into small pieces and transfer to a suitable container for storage in the freezer. Once prepared, the fruit can last from 2 to 3 months. The best way to defrost fruit is “slowly” in the refrigerator.

Preserving Vegetables
Wash vegetables with cold water and sodium bicarbonate, to completely eliminate the residues of soil and dirt. Dry carefully and if necessary, cut into pieces. Many cooks advise blanching vegetables before freezing, in order to preserve their crunchiness. When the water boils, add the vegetables and cook for several minutes. Remove the  vegetables from the boiling water and place in iced water. This will stop the cooking process. Drain the vegetables. Dry carefully and place in the freezer in the Snips containers best suited to your needs. Vegetables prepared in this way can last even 2 or 3 months. The best way to defrost is “slowly” in the refrigerator, or to use immediately in the pan.

Preserving Meat, poultry 
Once the excess liquids have been eliminated, the meat will retain all its freshness. Larger meat cuts: steaks, ribs, roasts … can be kept for up to 6/8 months. Sliced meat or in smaller pieces can be stored for less than 2/3 months. Ideally thaw meat slowly, in the refrigerator.

Preserving Fish
Entrails are better removed before freezing the fish. The already cleaned fillets can obviously be frozen immediately. The average conservation time of fish is about 3 months. As with meat, ideally thaw slowly in the refrigerator.