4 Recycle in Tritan Renew

Tritan Renew Bottle "Environmentally Friendly" 0,75 L

  • Made in Tritan Renew this handy decorated 0,75 L water bottle is practical and versatile, you can carry it with you both for your physical activity and for hydrating whilst on the move.
  • The innovative FlipTop cap, which opens and closes with a simple movement, and the rubber strap, make it particularly practical even for those who practice indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Tritan Renew confirms the characteristics of Tritan: it does not release odors and flavors, neither at high nor at low temperatures. It is a material that withstands temperatures much higher than common plastics.
  • Today, more than ever, let’s take care of the environment! We recycle 4 disposable bottles to make a bottle that can last a very long time, and eventually can be recycled as well.
  • Easy-to-clean, also in the dishwasher, thanks to the wide opening.
  • Design, technology, quality, 100% Made in Italy.
  • 0% BPA – Use & Reuse product

Technical features

article no.000553

ean no.8001136 903533

article size cm25x7x7

article weight kg.0.11


specific data0,75 L

Products made with Tritan Renew™ are as tough and durable as stainless steel. They are crystal clear and do not get dented or scratched. Products made with this material  do not absorb or release odors or flavors. They are all dishwasher-safe products: they do not deform or break. Tritan Renew™ is a material that resists temperatures much higher than common plastics, close to 100 ° C. Tritan Renew™ is free of BPA and all other bisphenol composites. This material more than any other is part of an effective Circular Economy and the logic of Eco-sustainability: it contains 50% of recycled material, according to the mass balance of ISCC.

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