The Company


The Company

Snips scissors cut everything, except fingers!

forbici_400The company’s history began more than fourty years ago with the “phenomenon” of the Snips scissors. It was such a successful and fortunate product that the company was named after it.

A rousing start due to the foresight of Giuseppe Piacenza who in 1973 discovered the product in New Zealand, acquired the worldwide exclusivity, produced it under the brand name Snips, sold over 10 million pieces in Italy alone and then distributed it throughout the world.

Functionality, practicality, quality, design, safety and reasonable cost were the factors for the success. The Snips scissors were able to cut really everything, even thin metals but, for a particular conformation of the blades, not fingers.

This great success laid the foundations of the image and prestige of the brand Snips that, now as then, plays a very important role on the market and in the major multiples.